Caring for Life’s SB Golf Tournament Raises Large Funds

Caring for Life’s Scotiabank Golf Tournament Raises Large Funds

In March 2012, the Caring for Life Foundation announced the results of its second annual Scotiabank Golf Tournament, which was held in February at the North Sound Golf Club. This golf tournament, sponsored and organised by Scotiabank and its staff, is a fundraiser for the foundation.

Through the numerous projects that they support, the Caring for Life Foundation aims to help improve healthcare for all Cayman Islands residents by raising funds to assist the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority. In 2012, the Scotiabank Golf tournament netted $15,578, to which Scotiabank added a generous $10,000, bringing the total to well over $25,000. These funds will be used to purchase needed hospital equipment and other resources to assist patients.

We are very proud of the funds raised and the excellent results achieved by the organising committee.