Scotiabank Customer Assistance Program

Our Customer Assistance Program has ended

We continue to be here for you

Our Customer Assistance Program was designed to help if you were impacted by COVID-19. Many of our initial payment deferral options have now come to an end. If you are able to continue or resume your regular payments, we encourage you to do so to reduce your debt.

As a reminder, while the deferral meant that you did not need to make monthly payments during the deferral period, interest was calculated as normal. Please note, the deferred interest is not being added to your loan balance i.e. there is no interest on interest.

The deferred interest amount and any insurance premium, if applicable (the "Deferred Amount") is due before your loan ends.

If you continue to be financially impacted by COVID-19 and are unable to resume your payments, please contact us at  (345)-949-0785 to  discuss your options.


  • If you requested and received a deferral on your Mortgage or Home Builders Loan, this ended 3 months after it was applied.
  • For example, if a deferral was processed in April 2020, it ends in June 2020.
  • Automatic payment deductions resumed from your due date in July 2020.

Scotia Plan Loans

  • Your payments on Scotia Plan Loan (SPL) products including Auto, Personal or Line of Credit were automatically deferred for 3 months.
  • This auto-deferral  ended during June 2020.
  • Automatic payment deductions resumed from your due date in July 2020.
  • To confirm your exact payment due date, please view your Loan Account Details on Scotia OnLine or the Scotia Mobile App.

Credit Cards

  • Your minimum credit card payments were automatically deferred for 3 months.
  • This auto-deferral will end on June 30, 2020 along with all fee waivers.
  • Your minimum payment requirements will resume automatically as at July 1, 2020 with due dates depending on your billing cycle.

Let us help guide you

We recognise that having available cash flow is important, and as such, if you continue to be financially impacted by the pandemic and are unable to resume your regular payments, you can contact us at (345)-949-0785 to discuss your options including your eligibility for refinancing or consolidating your debt to provide you with more flexible terms. Some of these financial solutions will be available for you to apply via our phone representatives as well as through the Scotia Mobile App.

Scotia OnLine Banking & Mobile App

To sign up for the Scotia Mobile App, you will need to login to Scotia OnLine Banking. If you have not yet registered for Scotia OnLine Banking, you can do this by visiting and following the instructions to ‘Register Now’. Once you have downloaded the app in the Google or iOs App Store, you can sign in with the same card number and username for Scotia OnLine Banking.

Here’s how you can repay the Deferred Amount:

If your loan ends before Dec 31, 2022, you’ll need to repay via lump sum on or before the end date of your loan.

For loans ending after Dec 31, 2022, here are your options:

Option 1

Make a lump sum payment on or before Dec 30th, 2020.


Option 2

A temporary adjustment will be made to your monthly payment amount, from Jan 2021 to Dec 2022.

This means that your regular monthly payment amount will be increased to include the Deferred Amount, which will be divided evenly over these 24 months. This will help you pay off the Deferred Amount in smaller sums, versus paying the lump sum amount. There is no increase to your total loan amount; only your monthly payment will change.


What's Next?

If your loan ends before December 31, 2022, feel free to contact(345)-949-0785 for details. 

If your loan ends after December 31, 2022, by the end of November, you will receive an email stating the amount that’s due.

Should you continue to be impacted by the pandemic and have any questions about your loan, please call (345)-949-0785


Your safety is our top priority.


We’re here to help! Our team is here to support customers with any questions regarding financial needs. Please contact (345)-949-0785, (Camana Bay) and (South Sound) or visit us in-branch for more details. We also ask for your patience and understanding during this challenging period as we are dealing with higher-than-usual volumes of calls.