Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

  • Right for you if:
    You want the convenience of banking through a large network of ATMs at home and abroad

  • Your ScotiaCard card provides you with access to all of your Scotiabank accounts day or night, so you can:

  • Make cash withdrawals, including cash advances from your Scotiabank credit cards

  • Deposit funds to your accounts

  • Check your account balances

  • Receive real time top up credit on your pre-paid mobile device

  • Transfer funds between your Scotiabank credit line, deposit and credit card accounts

  • Pay bills from your Scotiabank deposit, MasterCard, and ScotiaLine accounts

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    Withdraw cash and get account balances through a network of ATMs in the country at ATMs displaying the Plus symbol.

    See our ATM listings to find the ATM nearest you.

    If you’re planning on travelling, take a moment to review other banks that are also members of the Global ATM Alliance to save on access fees.

    Keep your money safe. Protect your PIN.

    Keeping your PIN secure is the key to keeping your money safe. Remember to shield the keypad when using a banking machine.

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