Digital transformation catapults Scotiabank Cayman Islands ‘Bank of the Year 2023’ award







Sarah Hobbs
Vice President and Country Head 
Scotiabank Trust & Cayman Ltd. 

[Georgetown, Cayman Islands, December 15, 2023] - Scotiabank Cayman Islands has been named Bank of the Year 2023. The Bank was awarded for its commitment to innovation, robust growth, and strong financial performance.

The prestigious annual accolade is deciphered by The Banker, an internationally recognized UK-based banking publication. It is a highly coveted recognition in the banking industry, which honors financial institutions that have demonstrated outstanding performance, strong financials, and exceptional service to their clients.

Scotiabank Cayman Islands emerged as the deserving winner, standing out among its peers in the country for its remarkable achievements in digital and dedication to providing top-tier banking services.

The bank was recognized for the launch of Scotia Access in early 2023, which is a unique service catering to customers with complex financial needs. Notable upgrades to the online banking platform, as well as the launch of a new eCommerce solution for micro to large businesses seeking to accept online payments known as Scotia Ecom+ also contributed to the win.

Sarah Hobbs, Vice President and Country Head of Scotiabank Trust & Cayman Ltd. said "This award is a big win not only for the Bank in Cayman but also for our dedicated Team that continues to be committed to delivering quality advice and solutions to our valued clients. It is also a reflection of the continued investments we are making in digital banking in order to increase ease and convenience for customers."

"I would like to thank our customers for their loyalty. Our team is committed to continuously enhancing and simplifying the way we serve our customers to remain ahead of the curve in industry standards." she continued.

With a customer-centric approach, Scotiabank Cayman Islands has consistently strived to excel in meeting the diverse financial needs of its clients. The bank has significantly invested in technology and digital solutions, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly banking experience. This emphasis on innovation has not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also increased efficiency and accessibility for both individuals and businesses.

The Bank’s philanthropic initiatives were also integral in securing the win, highlighting a deep commitment to the local community. Throughout the year, Scotiabank Cayman Islands engaged in extensive work to support disadvantaged women, helping the needy, preserving the environment and giving back to its employees.

By investing in sustainable projects and fostering community partnerships, Scotiabank Cayman Islands has become an integral part of the social fabric of the Cayman Islands, contributing to the overall welfare and prosperity of the nation.

Across Scotiabank’s global operations, similar Bank of the Year 2023 accolades have also been secured in The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands.

In 2022 The Banker selected one winning bank for each of the 134 countries judged and ranked them on their ability to deliver results, improve strategic positioning and enhance service to customers. Over 1,000 applications are collected each year and judges select winners based on which bank they believe has made the most progress over the past 12 months.