Term Deposits

There’s a term deposit that’s right for your business

Are you saving for new machinery, updated equipment or for your next office building? Or do you want to set aside some funds and earn the best possible rate of interest? No matter what your needs, we have a Term Deposit solution that is right for your business.

With Scotiabank Term Deposits you enjoy:

Security – With Term Deposits, your initial investment (principal) is protected.

Predictable Returns – Competitive returns without sacrificing security

Liquidity – With our range of other deposit and investment products, you'll have the liquidity you need.

Higher Returns – Enjoy the potential for higher interest rates when you invest for the longer term.

Fixed Term Deposit

  • Highest available guaranteed rate of interest
  • Interest payment annually or at maturity
  • Available in multiple currencies - KYD, USD, CAD, GBP, EUR
  • Available terms from 31 days to five years

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Fixed Term - Monthly Income

  • Regular monthly income
  • Higher rate of interest
  • Available terms from one year to five years
  • Available Currencies KYD and USD

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  • Access to your savings anytime (after 31 days)
  • Competitive rate of interest
  • One year term available
  • Available Currencies KYD and USD

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