Automotive Dealership

Scotiabank has been helping automotive dealerships maximise their business opportunities for more than 50 years. As an industry leader, we remain committed to providing unequalled quality in the areas of dealership automotive products, support, and relationships.

Floorplan Financing Programme:

Maintain suitable inventory at competitive interest rates with our flexible Floorplan Financing Programme. Having suitable inventory levels with a proper mix is one of the most important principles of the automotive business. Scotiabank offers a premier Floorplan Financing Programme with competitive features, including flexible credit limits to accommodate seasonal needs, market fluctuations, and model year build out with no flat charges.

Retail Finance Programmes:

Learn about specialised retail financing options focused on dealership needs. As the leading indirect lending and referral provider, Scotiabank is committed to providing dealer customers with access to competitive, flexible, and prompt financing. You want to move your merchandise quickly and smoothly. You want to offer your customers a way to make their buying decisions easier. Meet these needs with our Retail Finance Programmes, which offer:

  • Competitive interest rates, flexible down payment requirements, and repayment terms of up to 72 months
  • Professional service, including fast credit approvals and consistent decisions by well-trained, dedicated automotive credit buyers and managers
  • Prompt dealer payment
  • Non-recourse financing; no holdback when funding loans
  • Competitive programmes with life, disability, and warranty financing
  • Innovative rate buy-down programmes and payment deferral programmes
Import Letters of Credit:

Reduce risk, expedite your vehicle ordering process, and get inventory into the country faster with import letters of credit through our fully automated TRADEXPRESS1 elite service.

Portfolio Acquisitions:

Free up working capital and focus on your core vehicle sales activity by selling your retail loan portfolio to Scotiabank. Please contact us for more details.

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