Structured Trade

Scotiabank’s creative financing solutions are individually designed and tailored to support your import and export sales.

We offer short-term, medium-term, and long-term financing that can be structured as buyer’s credit or supplier’s credit/receivables purchase facilities.

We also offer extended repayment terms, including grace periods to match your buyer’s financing needs. In addition, we can work with export credit agencies throughout the world to make export credit facilities available.

Scotiabank uses risk mitigation tools and techniques to minimise foreign exposure while supporting your cross-border sales. Some of our risk-mitigation approaches include:

Export Credit Agencies and Multi-lateral Agencies:

Access export credit programmes available from major export credit agencies such as US EX-IM, EDC, ECGD, JBIC, COFACE, CESCE, EKN, Hermes, and SACE.

Acquire project and investment guarantees from multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, including MIGA, IFC, IDB, ADB, DEG, FMO, and CDB.

Private Insurance:
Using insurance policies to mitigate cross-border credit and/or political risks.

Buying and selling credit exposure in the secondary market - typically by way of non-recourse purchases/sales.

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