2010  (SECTION 6)  

Name of financial institution:                    SCOTIABANK & TRUST (CAYMAN) LTD. 
Number of financial institution:                66001
Address of financial institution:                Scotia Centre, 18 Forum Lane, Camana Bay,
                                                                             P.O. Box 689 George Town
                                                                             Grand Cayman KY1-1107, Cayman Islands
Previous names of financial institution: Scotiabank (Cayman Islands) Ltd.
                                                                             The Bank of Nova Scotia 

The Public is hereby given notice that Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd. holds the following dormant accounts: 

Account Number  Date Opened
10024096 12-Jan-15
10024480 23-Apr-15
24327 14-Feb-97
10011649 05-Sep-07
10013066 18-Jun-08
10017213 10-Mar-11
10019490 11-Jun-12
10020429 11-Dec-12
10020430 11-Dec-12
10022300 07-Jan-14
10022700 19-Mar-14
10010817 08-Mar-07
10014648 01-Jun-09
10024693 10-Jun-15
  1. Unless one or more of the following transactions are effected on a dormant account listed above on or before 31st December next following, the monies in the dormant account will be transferred to the general revenue of the Islands without further notice –

         a)       increase or decrease the amount held in the financial institution; ¹

         b)      present the passbook or other record for the crediting of interest or dividends in respect of the items enumerated in section 4(6) (a) and (b) of
                   the Dormant Accounts Law, 2010;

         c)       correspond in writing with the financial institution concerning the monies;

         d)      in the case of a trust, make a claim under the trust; or

         e)      otherwise indicate an interest in the monies as evidenced by a memorandum concerning the monies written by the financial institution.

  2. Subject to the Dormant Accounts Law, 2010, on the transfer of the monies in the dormant account to the general revenue of the Islands, the dormant account holder will no longer have any right against the financial institution ¹ Interest paid by a financial institution on monies held in the financial institution shall not be regarded as a transaction which increases the amount held in the financial institution pursuant to section 4(5) of the Dormant Accounts Law, 2010. to repayment of the monies transferred, but the dormant account holder will have against the Government such right to repayment of the monies transferred that the dormant account holder would have had against the financial institution.

  3. Any interested person should contact the financial institution mentioned above to establish if that person is a dormant account holder. 


Sarah Hobbs 
VP & Country Head 
Dated this 24th day of June 2022