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Sustainable Funds

The world is changing. Your investments can too.

Scotia Sustainable Funds

In a changing world:

Business that meets sustainability

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Scotia Global Asset Management™ Sustainable Funds, offers three actively managed institutional-quality solutions focused on sustainable investing.

Sustainable investing considers the impact of a company’s business practices on society and the environment. Scotia Sustainable Funds integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into fundamentals-based investment strategies. These factors represent investment risks that can no longer be ignored. Large institutional investors have been actively incorporating sustainability factors to help manage risk in their portfolios and create long-term value. Holding an actively managed and diversified portfolio of high-quality businesses is the best way to protect your clients against those risks and position their portfolios for the future.

Scotia Sustainable Funds

Our new Scotia Sustainable Funds offer three actively managed solutions focused on finding businesses that confront real-world risks and drive change: 

Managed by JFL Global Investment Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scotiabank, one of Canada's leading investment firms that is widely recognized and valued for its core strengths. Scotia Sustainable Funds are for investors who want:

  • High-quality investments
  • Integrated risk-management
  • Positive change
  • Active management
  • Principled leadership