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Borrowing Rates

Scotia Plan Loans Rate
Auto Rate as low as 5.75% (APR/EAIR)
Auto S/B  Rates as low as 5.25% (APR/EAIR)
Mortgages Rate as low as 5.75% (APR/EAIR)
Mortgages S/B  Rate as low as 4.50%* (APR/EAIR)
Lot Loans Rate as low as 5.50% (APR/EAIR)
Unsecured Loan Rate as low as 10.24% (APR/EAIR)
Unsecured Loan S/B Rate as low as 9.49% (APR/EAIR)

*All interest rates expire on November 15, 2022
*Scotia Plan Personal Loans rate varies depending on term and security. Please contact a Scotiabank branch for more information about rates.

Foreign Exchange Rates

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Rates and all information above are subject to change without notice.

Schedule of Charges

* Balance must not drop below the fee waiver amount in order for fees to be waived.

** Excludes non-Scotiabank ATM  transactions, and transactions conducted  at out-of-country ATMs,, transfers to third  parties involving accounts held at other financial institutions. Sundry transaction  fees apply (e . g. Stop payment of cheques, wire transfers, ATM  mini statements, etc.}.

*** When the account holder turns 18 years of age, the Junior Account will automatically be converted  to the  Primary Savings Account (or a similar account if that account is no longer offered} with a regular monthly fee, unless you indicate another preference .

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