Google Wallet

Add your Scotiabank Mastercard credit card for secure
access and payments no matter where you go

What is Google Pay?

Leave your wallet at home and pay digitally with ease!  We are excited to introduce Scotia Google Pay.

Pay Faster and Easier:

Google Pay allows Scotiabank customers to make transactions in store with merchants that accept Contactless or Tap to Pay, online purchases, or in app purchases 

Pay quickly and securely:

•By using Google Pay to pay in stores, customers actual card information is never shared with the merchant, so data is always protected.

No cost:

There is no fee to register a Scotiabank card in Digital Wallets, but Standard POS fees will apply. Its easy to get started.

Set up your Google Pay

Simply add your eligible credit card by following the steps below:

Download the Google Wallet TM  app from Google Play on your Android device

Add your Scotiabank Mastercard® credit card  .

You are now  ready to pay with your cell phone  contactless, in stores and online.

1. Start adding a card

2. Input card details via OCR Screening or Manual Entry

3. Confirm address & accept Google T&Cs

4. Accept Issuer (BNS) T&Cs

5. Click “Send me an email”. Check email for OTP and input 6 digit code into app

6. Success Screen
Ensure card accurately reflects physical card

Eligible Payment Cards 

MasterCard Standard

MasterCard Gold

Magna MasterCard

Note: Cards must be contactless to work. 

Frequently Asked Questions